When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Margaret Wheatley

For experienced facilitators, coaches, trainers and consultants an intensive 1-day workshop, as a first step toward becoming certified 9performancepi® practitioners.  

You will enrich your self-understanding as you discover and deepen your knowledge of 9performancepi® and explore how to successfully integrate this concept with your work.

Praise for 9performancepi® from executive coaches and consultants:

It will change how people think and behave and ultimately impact cultures of companies, therefore provides sustainable benefit.

This can really add meaning and a framework to the coaching dynamic.

An elegant yet deep tool to facilitate a client shifting.

A way of realigning focus and directing effort and energy toward the right target.

Something that will encourage strengthened relationships through open communication. 

Stimulates inquiry and deeper understanding and connection.

Enlightening personally and provided me with a valuable tool that I can apply immediately in my work, which I believe will improve the quality of my work, and by definition, enhanced value to my clients.

Insightful - I have made some really useful self-development discoveries.

Stimulating and thought-provoking.

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