We do not describe the world that we see; we see the world we describe. Joseph Jaworksi

Coaching Think Tank™

9performancepi® changes your perspective on your personal and professional world. Whether it is a single challenge or an entrenched situation, the Coaching Think Tank™ is a confidential space to reflect, explore and identify where you are, how you want things to be, and what needs to be different. 

Too often when feeling over-stretched and under-resourced, there can be a tendency for a person to go into a siege mentality. Relationships are fraught with unacknowledged anxieties and resentments. To all extents there is no longer an ability to notice the nuances of the bigger picture. The value of entering into a constructive and generative dialogue with a skilled facilitator cannot be underestimated. The subsequent enhanced quality of the reflections and outcomes is tangible.

The lens we peer through to interpret our beliefs and behaviours are as complex as a colourful kaleidoscope. Coaching Think Tank™ sessions are designed to take account of your unique situation and we offer bespoke coaching interventions, for individuals, teams and business partners, whether ad hoc sessions or an ongoing programme with regular sessions to suit your requirements. 

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