The world we have created is a product of our way of thinking. Albert Einstein

Executive Coaching

9performancepi® is a simple, and yet profound system to guide you in discovering and enhancing the matrix of connections that inform and influence your work and life. What space do you need right now to actively reflect on your current challenge?

9performancepi® Coaching is from a holistic perspective (the 4 intelligences: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) of your personal and professional world. Everything is connected, nothing is in isolation. 

Whether it is a single challenge or an entrenched situation, coaching provides confidential space to reflect and enter into dialogue with your Coach to identify where you are and how you want to be and what needs to be different in creating transformational shifts of awareness.   

The lens we peer through to interpret our beliefs and behaviours are as varied as a colourful kaleidoscope. 9performancepi® Coaching takes account of our marvellous differences and rather than a one-size fits all approach we offer bespoke coaching interventions. To facilitate the client in accessing and amplifying their best, we believe that a core component of great coaching is the synergy between coach and client and the communication with the sponsor.

To discuss your requirements and explore how Coaching will work for you, please contact us.