When the soul and personality are in harmony, all is joy and peace, happiness and health

                                                                                                                         Dr Edward Bach 

Emotional Wisdom with Bach Flower Remedies 

Nothing is in isolation. Everything is connected. 

We are always in the equation of our own life story that is rarely, if ever, plain sailing. We become caught in our own negative emotions and those belonging to other people. We set up cycles of anxiety, poor health and dysfunctional relationships. Small wonder we often feel unwell or unhappy. Transforming your negative patterns into a positive experience of life is possible. 

My e-book Emotional Wisdom with Bach Flower Remedies introduces you to the simplicity of Dr Edward Bach's self-help healing system, which many consider to be the missing link in healthcare. The remedy descriptions and beautiful photographs of the 38 flowers will help you quickly identify those you could use right now, and be a ready guide for you in the future. 

Available online from October 30th 2014