Authentic presence....and if others are in that same space or entering it, they resonate with us and immediately doors are open to us.
Francisco Varela


9performancepi® opens the door into integrated leadership. This has the potential to transform what you feel, what you think and what you do on your continuing journey to being the best leader you can be. Your motivation, communication and presence are manifest in your business - in the successes, the failures, and in the relationships. Who or what does your organization serve? Read on ...


Coaching Think Tank™ 

9performancepi® is a simple, and yet profound mapping system to guide you, your team or business partners in discovering the connections that inform and influence your work and life, and identifying what requires attention and where and how to progress. Imagine now if you were benefiting from a Coaching Think Tank™- what is different in the quality of your reflections and reactions? Read on ...


Public speaking

Integrated Leadership

Presence and Purpose

Emotional Wisdom

Transforming Relationships