Our purpose is to facilitate conversations that transform your presence

9performancepi® Leadership and Executive Coaching Consultancy

Nothing is in isolation.

Everything is connected.

We help you identify the subtle and yet powerful connections which influence your leadership, your teams and your organization.

Our informing framework is 9performancepi® which is a unique and simple concept with infinite possibilities for individuals, teams, and organizations. It stimulates a new way of thinking, being and doing, that is limitless in its application and potential.  

9performancepi® provides a relational mapping process which is holistic, integrative and generative and reflects your presence in your world - personally and collectively. It offers a depth that will illuminate profound insights and yet also be effective at a pragmatic level.

9performancepi® creates:

  • Synergy not silos
  • Enhanced communication
  • Transformative leadership
  • Improved team dynamics
  • Integrated strategic vision/success
  • Collaborative-competitive relationships



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